Did Patrick Moore co-found Greenpeace?

“The Amchitka voyage sparked a flurry of public interest. The media went wild about the small group of activist who had sailed off in the face of great adversity – the first “media mindbomb”, as Bob Hunter conceived of those early Greenpeace actions, had been launched.”
“…The trip was a success beyond anybody’s wildest dreams.”
So the boat attempts to confront a nuclear bomb test.
“Hunter, Moore and a dozen other activists sailed up the coast on the first voyage of The Greenpeace armed with environmental ideals and public relations savvy.”
Greenpeace had its breakthrough moment. He was on the boat. Did he file the paperwork for founding it? Who cares?
“Following the Alaska trip, some crew members decided to develop their protest movement. It was based on the use of non-violent direct action to increase public awareness and influence government policy. The Greenpeace Foundation was born and Hunter and Moore were its first co-presidents.”
“Bob Hunter (who, sadly, has since died of cancer) described himself as one of the Greenpeace mystics. He remains an icon and hero to many in the movement. Patrick Moore, one of the original Greenpeace mechanics, a rationalist to the bitter end, still considers himself an environmental thinker, a PhD ecologist.”

“After years apart we brought them together again for the filming of our Mystics

(Mechanics & Mindbombs) documentary. We engineered a reunion of the early Greenpeace campaigners aboard the fishing vessel Phyllis Cormack, a durable old seineboat that was chartered in the fall of 1971 by the “Don’t Make a Wave Committee” (predecessor to Greenpeace) to sail to Alaska to protest American nuclear weapons testing. As our camera rolled in 1996 Hunter and Moore proved they’d lost neither their spark nor their enthusiasm. Here are a few choice words:

The voyage had not been planned as a “rational” act, but rather as an act of faith. We were admittedly counting on a miracle… Could we count on the I Ching to guide us to victory long after Western rationality and industrial genius had failed? If you believed we could, you were a bona fide mystic.

Robert Hunter

I’m basically a mechanic… a pragmatist… I deal with the nuts and bolts of the situation… and try to make sure people don’t do things that are beyond the realm of possibility.

Patrick Moore


“One of the original group, Patrick Moore, even went on to deny climate change and oppose much of what Greenpeace stands for.”



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