What are the facts in the climate science debate?

“What are the facts in the climate science debate?

  • Average global surface temperatures have overall increased for the past 100+ years
  • Carbon dioxide has an infrared emission spectra
  • Humans have been adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere

That is pretty much it, in terms of verifiable, generally agreed upon scientific facts surrounding the major elements of climate change debate.

Human caused global warming is a theory. The assertion that human caused global warming is dangerous is an hypothesis.  The assertion that nearly all or most of the warming since 1950 has been caused by humans is disputed by many scientists, in spite of the highly confident consensus statement by the IPCC. The issue of ‘dangerous’ climate change is wrapped up in values, and science has next to nothing to say about this.”

Professor Judith Curry

Curry here is conservative in not going much beyond the 3 bullets. She doesn’t over reach. As when I do my job, I don’t want to found now or later to have been wrong.

Her last line above, she’s saying that it’s our values that matter, the voter’s values, not a small group of scientists saying this will be dangerous. What else is dangerous? River floods. The voters want to do something about that. That seems more of a fact though we don’t know future rainfall.

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