Do attractors exist in Nature?

When we look at a temperature plot of past GMATs we may think we see an up and down motion like a Sine wave. This is perhaps most clearly seen over the past 400,000 years as the climate entered and exited Glacial periods. It is suggested that the Climate keeps overshooting its equilibrium. When we ask what that was for the past 400,000 years we’d answer that it’s not either a Glacial or Inter Glacial temperature. So on that time frame we’d argue that the system is bistable. But does it still have an equilibrium? I say yes. And it orbits that just as the Earth orbits the Sun. I am suggesting we can see the Sun Earth system as a useful example of an attractor and the system that orbits it. The mass of the Sun and Earth’s velocity keep Earth on a very predictable path. The Earth is trying to reach the Sun as it is in freefall but that is countered by its velocity and we get a nice predictable arc.



My graphic is trying to show a hypothetical temperature series going back 100s of thousands of years. Then one is asked to believe that the climate consistently overshoots its equilibrium as evidenced by the Glacial Inter Glacial record. Then trying to find something in Nature more plausible than an up down motion we use an orbit. Important to our Solar System. Important for instance as electrons orbiting their nucleus. Orbiting is in the very large and the very small and it’s hard to conceive of our lives existing without these orbits.


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