Karl and what it means?

What do warmer temperatures at the poles mean? 

Say we ran an experiment. We build a house with enough room for 6 feet of insulation in the attic and with 2 opposite walls 7 feet in depth with room for 6 feet of insulation inside to outside. The last two walls are mostly windows. Only the walls are insulated at first. Temperature recorders are placed on the walls and ceilings in a fair manner.

X units of energy per hour are released into the house. The test is run long enough to obtain fair and representative data.

The roof is then insulated with 6 feet of insulation and the test is run again.

With the additional insulation, the house is warmer. From the temperature recorders on the windows the most change is seen. In the first test more energy escaped through the roof. With that avenue closed, the energy increased its loss through the windows. The windows warmed from the new insulation in the roof, the warmer house and from the increased flow through them from the energy that used to go through the roof.

With a poorly insulated house, we get colder windows and less energy flows to and through the windows.

When energy transmission is blocked in one direction, it will take another direction. It did not go through the walls. The walls and roof it could be said, channeled the energy to the windows.

The windows are warmer than before. Is it fair to include that temperature change in the average temperature of the room?