Chaotic attractors, alternate model

There are problems finding something in nature that behaves as in the videos (of the Lorenz Butterfly). Solar systems can though. But that involves gravity and I don’t know that we are going to see much of that on Earth. In the videos, temperature and humidity orbited in nice clean ellipses and we don’t see that in our weather. So considering what to do with that, let’s make the attractor 1/4 the mass of of what is orbiting it. Let’s pack the space with numerous attractors also with ¼ the mass. Call the Temperature and Humidity values TH. TH is now more like a solar system’s Sun but it has some serious other mass to contend with in this odd solar system. TH now appears to better represent things than the Lorenz equations when we look at processes on Earth. As it captures and ejects or leaves attractors, its movements seems more natural than the tight clean Lorenz orbits.

Refocusing the USGCRP

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