Snow albedo and CO2

Tom Wysmuller here:

raising the point that sunlight being shortwave radiation is not trapped by CO2 or water vapor. That is known but when snow albedo is taken into account the reflected energy on its way up will pass through the increased CO2 and water vapor in the atmosphere. CO2 and water vapor trap the lower frequency infrared radiation. Sunlight bouncing off snow is not infrared and is not trapped. In the video he talks about increased snowfall with a more open Arctic Ocean. Solar plus increased albedo would seem to be a negative feedback. For those suggesting that the open Ocean absorbs more solar, it does. But where does it store that? A lot of it is emitted to the atmosphere in the same year, as infrared. The polar regions are where other heat goes to escape through the top of the atmosphere. A little more heat probably isn’t going to make much difference. It may help with more precipitation formation.



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