Global Warming Triangle

Global Warming Triangle

Trying to describe libertarians, I came across some some interesting diagrams and modified them and come up with the above. The model was a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian triangle and it thought it could be used illustrate the global warming camps.


3 thoughts on “Global Warming Triangle

  1. This triangle is pretty accurate and ingeniously simple. Whoever made it should be recruited to work on climate.

    BTW, I confess i did not read the whole Ferdinand-Bartimous debate but I think it is obvious that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Man must be putting significant amounts of CO2 in the air but at the same time, of course, the ocean CO2 dwarfs the atmospheric CO2. A change in GMST is certainly going to shift the equilibrium of the of dissolved CO2 in the oceans. At 400ppm the oceans are still a sink on average when one looks at the ice core data range for the Pleistocene (150-290ppm).

    What is the difference between Salby’s position and Bartimous on the CE post?

  2. Clive Best is applying his own software to construct a temperature record. Apparently all five methods used globally use the same data and software but differ only in a few added weather stations or grid extrapolation to the poles. Thus their output is not confirming much. Clive’s method significantly dampens the pre-1950 record to almost flat noise and it also dampens the post 1950 rise. Nick Stokes is proposing tests for Clive do on it.

    I commented this question on Clive Best’s post that nobody has answered currently:

    Does anyone know if the marine climates of the western USA and UK have been analyzed for trend coupling to the ocean temp trends? And have the marine climate trends then compared to increasingly non-marine land temp trends to diagnose that trend? Because from that one should be able to extrapolate the pure land temp trends, effectively providing a method for direct observation of ECS by removing ocean uptake lag from the trends. Would not a study of the continental 15-30-year temp trends, corrected for marine effect give a statistically significant approximation of ECS?

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