A more viable regime

What kind of regimes do we get? Is it random? Hanna Newcombe wrote something interesting:

“Any partly ordered pattern can move in two directions. Either to less ordered patterns, which would be breakdown, or to more ordered patterns, which would be breakthrough. A breakdown is very much more ordered (frequent) while breakthrough is very rare, but this climb to less probable structures is what constitutes climbing Mt. Improbable.

In evolution, natural selection loads the dice against entropic degradation (breakdown) by making the degraded patterns less viable (survivable) by natural selection, and favoring the (much rarer) breakthrough by making it more viable. Natural selection works like a ratchet, against breakdown. Genetic mutations are usually harmful, rarely beneficial. Yet we climb Mount Improbable with their help, while preserving the law of entropy. Natural selection is cruel, but effective.” – http://peacemagazine.org/archive/v24n4p26.htm

She wrote of more viable and less viable. When we get climate regime shifts, perhaps we’re getting the more viable regime. We are getting an advancement similar to an evolutionary advance.

Evolution seems to advance in steps. I think it’s worth considering that our climate does as well.

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