Doctor Yorke on Chaos Theory

If you haven’t seen Doctor Yorke, you might find this interesting:

Doctor Yorke

Starting at about 55:30 he says a number of interesting things about Weather Models and CO2.

Mentioning problems:
The weather models may be lame
The weather models don’t do well with clouds
A doubling of CO2 suffers from uncertainty as we are entering a different domain, as there is no historical data – which I think he means, to feed into the models
We don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, referring to CO2

All the above are my paraphrasings.

And there’s also a few interesting remarks about some of his uses of models

The part that I found the most interesting, starting at 55:30 is about 7 minutes long.

I just came across this trying to learn about Period Three. It is an, All nails are chaos video.

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