Local lakes and chaos

Remembering a comment I read on Climate Etc., I was thinking about how my small lake usually freezes overnight when winds are near calm. Lake Langdon goes into a defensive Winter position when that occurs, protecting its life from temperatures that are too low. That comment I heard was about slushball Earth, as it sets up for during a Glacial period. Earth’s pole grow ice, retaining heat while its middle regions remain ice free, taking up SW solar energy.

Lake Langdon exhibets a regime change twice a year, ice in and ice out. Ice in seems like the case of strong cold unable to freeze it, until the wind drops. This is chaotic behavior. For ice out, a strong wind usually finishes the job, blowing most of the ice to one side of the lake. It is an inevitable change, but the wind can speed it up.

Following the idea that scale doesn’t matter, my lake is like the Oceans as they change from Glacial to inter-Glacial. While my lake spends about 5 months with ice on it each year, the Earth’s ratio of Glacial to inter-Glacial is more cold than warm. But if you move North of Minnesota, you’d find lakes that follow the more longer cold regimes cycle.

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